exception gspread.exceptions.APIError(response)

Errors coming from the API itself, such as when we attempt to retrieve things that don’t exist.

exception gspread.exceptions.GSpreadException

A base class for gspread’s exceptions.

exception gspread.exceptions.IncorrectCellLabel

The cell label is incorrect.

exception gspread.exceptions.InvalidInputValue

The provided values is incorrect.

exception gspread.exceptions.NoValidUrlKeyFound

No valid key found in URL.

exception gspread.exceptions.SpreadsheetNotFound

Trying to open non-existent or inaccessible spreadsheet.

exception gspread.exceptions.UnSupportedExportFormat

Raised when export format is not supported.

exception gspread.exceptions.WorksheetNotFound

Trying to open non-existent or inaccessible worksheet.